* Basic performances     : subsonic, closed circuit, low turbulent.
* Location               : Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,
                           Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia.
* Type, dimensions and
  form of working section: closed, rectangular, 1x1x4 m.
* Speed (Mach number)    : 2-80 m/sec.
* Reynolds number per 1 m:  0,13 * 10^6 < Re < 5,3 * 10^6 .
* Way of speed (Mach)
  changing               : automatic from analog control.
* Type of compressor     : direct current, 640 kW.
* Type and capacity of
  engine                 : axial, 1-staged, 20 wooden blades.
* Material of WT
  construction           : aviation plywood.
* What kinds of
  measurements are
  possible?              : Forces and moments, pressure distribution,
                           smoke wire visualisation, oil-soot
                           visualization, noise distribution,
* What types of sensors
  are used to sense
  forces, temperature,
  pressure, noise, etc?  : - One-component balances  +-25 N,
                           - single-X- and V-hot wires of different sizes.
* Type of computer for
  data processing and
  collecting             : Macintosh Classic II,
                           Macintosh LC II with mathematical coprocessors.
* Are there high speed
  cameras available to
  record visual information? Yes.
* Staff                  : 2 persons. Highly trained technician headed by
                           an engineer. Phone:  3832-35-42-78.
* Translators            : seven research scientists with experience of
                           working abroad in the field of aerodynamics.
* Have WT manger who can
  meet the security needs
  of a customer as well as
  the basic needs from
  the testing company for
  proteeting the item being
  tested?                : Yes.
* Have WT accomodations
  for test teams, housing
  and food?              : Yes.
* Nearest hotel, available
  for test team accomodation: "Zolotaya dolina" ("Gold valley") hotel,
                             15 minutes from the Institute.
* Most known previous
  customers              : Ministry for fuel and energetic of Russia,
                           Scientific and Technical association "Molniya".
* Most known planes,
  vehicles or other devices,
  tested in resent years: Magnus effect wind engine, rotating cylinders.
* Time for preparing tests
  from getting the model: 3 days.
* Price for staff/per week: 200 dollars.
* Price for tunnel
  space/per week         : 300 dollars.
* Other capabilities of WT:- Turbulence level control from 0.01% to
                         several percent;
                           - Testing of several models simultaneously;
                           - Testing of models to 4 m size in the tunnel
                         settling chamber.
* Climate, temperature
  variations at the place
  of WT location         :  continental; +30 -30C.
* Transportation from
  cargo terminal to WT   :  Institute cargo department.
* Have you any photos,
  diagrams of WT that we
  could use in US to market