* General description    :this wind tunnel is supersonic, blow down,
                          running time 60 min, low level of disturbances.
* Location               :630090, Russia, Novosibirsk, 4/1 Ul.
                          Institutskaya, ITAM
* Type, form of section,
  dimensions of working
  sections               : closed, square, 200*200*600 mm.
* Speed (Mach number)    : M=0.6-4.
* Reynolds number        : (5-100)*1000000 [1/m].
* Method of control      : 7 changeable nozzles M=0.6-1.2;1.5;2;2.5;3;3.5;4.
* Type and power of
  motor                  : none
* Description of
  ventilator             : none
* Material of wind
  tunnel walls           : steel
* Possible measurements: pressure distributions, hot-wire, calorimetric,
                         visualization: soot-oil coatings, sublimated
                         coatings, interferograms, shadow graphs.
* Measuring devices    : - 3 dimensions traverse gear for moving probe,
                         hot-wire constant current or temperature with
                         frequency range up to 200 kHz;
                         - hot-wire probes with diameter of wire 3;4.5;6 mkm;
                         - 10 bit AD converter 1 mks with memory on 4096
                         - 8 bit AD converter 0.05 mks with memory on 4096
                         - optical shadow device.
* Type of computer for
  data processing and
  collecting             : - DVK 3.2 (analog PDP 11/34) connected with
                           CAMAC for automatic control of parameters flow,
                           co-ordinates of probes, measurement of pulsations
                           and mean flow;
                           - IBM PC /AT 486DX33.
* Is there high speed
  camera available to
  record visual
  information            : No
* Operating staff        : 4 scientific researchers and technician are headed
                           by Alexander Kosinov ; phone (8-383-2)-35-69-28
* Translators            : 4 researchers with education in field of
                           aerophysics.  One of them has experience of the
                           job abroad.
* Has WT manager who can
  meet the security needs
  of a customer as well as
  the basic needs from
  the testing company for
  protection the item
  being tested?          : Yes.
* Has WT accomodations
  for test teams, housing
  and food?              : Yes.
* Nearest hotel for test
  team accomodation      : The hotel is 15 minutes' walk from WT
* Most known previous
  customers              : NPO "Molniya" (BURAN-Shuttle), TsAGI,
                           ISF (Soros).
* Most known planes,
  vehicles or other
  devices, tested in
  recent years           : plate, cone, wing profile.
* Time of preparing tests
  from getting the model : one week.
* Price for staff per week: 250$
* Price for tunnel
  operation per week     :  5000$
* Other capabilities of WT: changing of flow temperature not more than 1
                           degree, cooling of models, input and investigation
                           of controlled flow disturbances.
* Climate, temperature
  variations             :  continental , tC -30 +30.
* Transportation from
  cargo terminal to WT   : Institute cargo department.
* Have you any photos of WT? Yes.