* Basic performances     : hypersonic nitrogen blowdown wind tunnel
                           fitted with graphite heater, conical nozzle in an
                           open jet configuration, exhaust to vacuum tank.
* Location               : Novosibirsk, 630090, Institutskaya str. 4/1,
                           Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RAS.
* Type, dimensions and
  form of working section: Open jet configuration, rectangular test section
                           0,45 * 0,4 * 0,5m, conical nozzle, diameter of
                           homogeneous flow core about 0,1 m.
* Speed (Mach number)    : V=1450-2200 m/s (Me=16-25).
* Reynolds number per 1m : up to 10^6.
* Way of speed (Mach)
  changing               : Four nozzles with Me=18, 20, 22, 24.
* Operation time         : 40 sec.
* Vacuum pumps efficiency: 3 m^3/s.
* Material of WT
  construction           : stainless steel.
* What kinds of
  measurements are
  possible?              : Forces and moments, heat transfer,
                           Pitot pressure, density distribution, density
                           pulsations, electron-optic visualization.
* What types of sensors
  are used to sense forces,
  temperature, pressure,
  noise, etc.?           : - 3-component strain-gage balance;
                           + - 20 N for X,Y and 0,21 N*m for Mz;
                           - Infrared camera system, 1 frame/s, spectrum
                           range 1-6 mkm;
                           - Optical system for average and pulsation density
                           measurements on the base of nitrogen electron-beam
* Type of computer for data
  processing and collecting: IBM PC/AT -386.
* Are there high speed
  cameras available to
  record visual information? Yes.
* Staff                  : 2 highly trained engineers and 1 technician headed
                           by Boris Sapogov. Phone:  (3832) 35-35-28.
* Translators            : Yes.
* Have WT manager who can
  meet the security needs
  of a customer as well as
  the basic needs from the
  testing company for
  protecting the item being
  tested?                 : Yes.
* Have WT accommodations
  for test teams, housing
  and food?               : Yes.
* Nearest hotel,
  available for test team
  accommodation.         : Hotel SB RAS 3* in 20 minutes' walk
* Most known previous
  customers              : NPO "Molniya", "Energiya".
* Most known planes,
  vehicles or other
  devices, tested in
  recent years           :"Buran".
* Time of preparing tests
  from getting the model: 7 days.
* Price for staff/per week: $250.
* Price for tunnel
  space/per week         : $400.
* Other capabilities of WT: - test with blow out a gas from models surface;
                            - test models with surface cooling.
* Climate, temperature
  variations at the place
  of WT locations        : Continental, +-30 C
* Transportations from
  cargo terminal to WT   :
* Have you any photos,
  diagrams of WT that that
  we could use in US to
  market them?           : Yes.