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Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ITAM SB RAS) was founded in 1957. On July 21 S.A.Khristianovich was appointed the first Director of ITAM and approved the main scientific directions: high-speed aerodynamics; combustion, kinetics and turbulence; strength of materials and constructions; mechanics of soils and rocks as applied to the mining art problems. Afterwards the Institute was headed by Corresponding member of the USSR Acad. Sci. M.F.Zhukov (1965-1966), Academician V.V.Struminsky (1966-1971), Corresponding member of the USSR Acad. Sci. R.I.Soloukhin (1971-1976), Academician N.N.Yanenko (1976-1984), Corresponding member of the USSR Acad. Sci. V.G.Dulov (1984-1989). Since 1990 the Director of the Institute is the Corresponding member of RAS V.M.Fomin.

Staff of the Institute

The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics is an academic research institution which is successfully working in the field of advanced problems of mechanics. The main activities of the Institute are connected with the development of high-speed flying vehicles and are based on experimental and theoretical investigations. The experimental base of the Institute provides both the measurement of the total aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft models and the study of the fine structure of various flows. The experimental and theoretical investigations are connected with the problems of hydrodynamic stability theory, the boundary layer theory, the fuel supersonic mixing and combustion theory, the multiphase hydrodynamics taking into account physical and chemical transformations, etc. The highly qualified scientific and engineering staff and close co-operation between theoretical and experimental methods make it possible to solve various fundamental and applied problems of modern aerogasdynamics at a high level.
The International Center of Aerophysical Research (ICAR) has been working at the Institute since 1991. A wide range of aerophysical investigations is carried out at the Center under subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic velocities.

Main scientific directions of the Institute:

Major scientific laboratories:

- Optical Methods of Gas Flow Diagnostics;
- Supersonic Combustion;
- Aeroacoustics;
- Physics of High-Speed Processes;
- Mechanics of Composite Materials and Constructions;
- Physics of Mutliphase Media;
- Computational Aerodynamics;
- Aerophysical Investigations of Subsonic Flows;
- Control of Gas and Fluid Motion;
- Experimental Aerodynamics;
- Nonequilibrium Processes;
- Mathematical Methods of Continuum Mechanics;
- Hypersonic Flows;
- Wave Processes in Supersonic Viscous Flows;
- Modeling of Turbulent Flows.
The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RAS is a co-founder of scientific journals:
- Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics;
- Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves;
- Thermophysics and Aeromechanics.
ITAM SB RAS is the basic research institute for:
- the chair of aerophysics and gasdynamics of the Novosibirsk
State University;
- the chair of aerogasdynamics of the Novosibirsk State Technical
Many of researchers combine their scientific work with teaching
at these institutions.

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics